Spiritual effect of Sur Aasa


Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, the great mystic poet, thinker and pious man has enlightened the relation of man with Almighty Allah . Man has yearns to get close of Lord through sacrifice and devotion. He wants to get awareness through people, who are fully aware of reality.
Shah Abdul Latif considers that five times prayers and fasting are Divine Commands, a God fearing man must follow these commands, but the main purpose of life is to seek love of Almighty Allah and man must peep into himself to know Almighty Allah, and it comes from poetry of this chapter ‘Sur Aasa’ Man must have love for his Lord. Shah Abdul Latif expresses his views in “Sur Asa” that Almighty Allah is omnipotent. He is omnipresent and amnipresent. He is very close to man, and man can feel his presence. Since Almighty Allah is the most merciful and kind, man should not forget such kind and merciful Master. Shah emphasizes this point that man should keep himself away from evil and vicious deeds and keep his soul clean and pure, to entrance spirituality.

Prof. Abdul Rehman