Prof. Dr. Atta Muhammad Hami – As a Researcher


Professor Atta Muhammad Hami had been a great researcher, poet, critic and a popular teacher. In his early career he paid attention to literature and poetry and acquired fame in literary circles. He trained many writers and poets and played a fundamental role in getting them significant place in the literary world. Since Hami belonged to the State of Khairpur, he observed and studied various departments of the State of Khairpur and the administration of Talpur period in Sindh. Working on different administrative, political, cultural, agricultural and business systems he conducted a comparative study of the State before and after the end of it. He obtained his Ph.D. from Sindh University on “The Contribution of Khirpur Mirs to Literature, Politics, and Culture.” The present paper has critically analysed this Ph.D. thesis. Although literature, culture and politics are the part of Hami’s thesis, he has touched on every aspect of life that include agriculture, irrigation, system of government, economic affairs, personal life of the Talpurs, their conflicts in various wars among them and other matters. The present paper has critically viewed all these aspects.

Prof. Muhammad Saleem Memon