Kahani – Kala and the female writers of the Sindhi Literature


Literature is a kind of intellectual light, a body of written works steeped in verse and prose. Prose and Poetry are the main parts of literature. Sindhi literature has various forms of Prose and Poetry. In Prose there are forms such as Novel, Drama, Short story, Essay, Research article, Biography, Autobiography, Life sketch, Travelogue, Letter, Diaries etc. and in Poetry Wai, Bait, Kafee, Geach, Nazam, Azad Nazam, Ghazal, Geet, Rubai, Chousita, Prose Poem etc. are available. The work of our female writers are spread in both, since prepartition. these genres their work is mainly countable in Sindhi Short story. Now a days there are many short stories of female writers on different topics available in various magazines and journals and a number of short story books are published in Hind and Sindh.

Parveen Musa Memon