Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Intuition


In this research article we have tried to explore the power of “Intuition”, “Inspiration” and Language; and their mutual relationship in the expression of Sufistic and Philosophical concepts in the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. During our study it has been discovered that most of the great poetry, especially that of classical poets of Sindh, including Shah Latif, is a result of some revelation or intuitive power rather than just a conscious effort. Ofcourse in temporal and worldly matters the poet uses his powers of observation, study and wisdom but in most metaphysical and cosmic facts it’s his intuition that works. The readers or listeners would only understand that quality of great poetry if the poet is able to create similar state of ecstasy in them. With the help of verses from Shah Jo Risalo the concept has been explained. There are several verses in which the poet seems to have expressed ideas, which a person of lesser intellect can not comprehend and even scholars of high caliber have to grapple with words to understand and explain. Such verses were composed in a state of ecstasy by the poet and it seems that the reader also needs to have a similar state of mind to understand the actual concept.

Prof. Muhammad Saleem Memon