“Mysticism” or “Tasawuf” or “Vedaanta” is the basic philosophy of Sub-Continent. Many thinkers are of the view that this philosophy is based on the existential thought process which evolved naturally like seeds. Thought content of Shah Latif is a continuum of Vedas. A paradigm that is predominantly prevalent in history with a variety of names. No matter which religion of the world is taken, one finds humanity at the very heart of it. This is the reason that Shah Latif has propagated humanism in its pure and simple form. Concept of religion, according to Shah, is the renaissance of human qualities. Bhagti movement in India was also a link that chain, in which Guru Nanak, Nam Deve and Kabir Bhagat spread the message that is already overflowing in the soul of the soil. This paper is based on a comparative study of the message and art of Shah Latif and Kabir Bhagat. In other words, Vedanta and mysticism are studied with a view to explain truth and veracity. Kabir Bhagat, Dado Dayal and Tulsi Das have been highly influential in Sindh. Kabir Bhagat says: “Erudite endures and ignorant enjoys, Poor nascent know not, whose only chore is to fill belly.”

Dr. Ume Kalsoom Shah