Dua (grace) is present in each religion but the philosophy of dua is different. What is the relation of dua with determinism and indeterminism? What is the relation of dua with human social life? And what is the concept of dua in the poetry of Shah Latif? This is the theme of this paper with special reference to Shah’s poetry. The concept of Dua is different from the common concept of Dua in the world. Shah never prayed for worldly material gains he prays Instead and stresses on the knowledge that is already known to “Him”. The concept of Dua in mysticism is submissiveness and humbleness. Due to this practice man saves himself from pride and haughtiness and proves that he is incomplete and submissive. According to Shah the philosophy of Dua comprises optimism, and that one should never get disappointed about receiving the grace of God, infact one should go on praying and consequently He (God) will be kind upon the person. There are two schools of thought in mysticism

Naheed Nawaz