Social Status of Women in the Eyes of Shah Latif


An immortal Crown Poet Shah Abdul Latif of Sindh has paid a high regard to woman for her fidelity, sincerity, patriotism and adherence to social values etc. He has described ideal women in his poetry. Shah has poeticized his inner mind in the honour of woman. Be it past or present, women have remained under the persecution of tyranny of men in every age. But Shah Latif has expressed the qualities of bravery, real love and self-denial in woman that man doesn’t possess at all. In the story of Sassui, she is seen as an example of bravery, boldness and true love. Shah Sahib has found her selfdetermined, stead fast and brave. Similarly Shah has taken all her characters, as Marui, a symbol of patriotism. She was never subdued by any inducement of wealth, power or any comfort but had love only for her parents, fiance and her village life. In his poem on “Sur Sohini”, she is presented as a rebel who revolts against the traditions and stands by the determined will of her own and sacrifices her life for that cause. In the case of “Noori” Shah Latif has described humility and politeness of Noori. Though a King, Jam Tamachi, did every thing as a true lover to achieve her. Shah Latif here shows that love has the power to eradicate all forms of discrimination. In this way Shah has described all his charcters in Moomal, Leela, Sorath etc, and expressed their qualities in his own way that present truth and sincerity to the causes they took.

Dr. Najma Noor