Usage of pronominal suffix in the Sindhi Poetry of Sachal Sarmast


The features of Sindhi language, syntax and grammar are unique, which makes Sindhi language more vivid and clear in attaining a dignified place in modern languages of the world . The sole aim and objective of this article is to explore the usage of pronominal suffixes in Sindhi poetry of Sachal Sarmast , a well known scholar, a man of letters and a master of classical poetry. The study of his poetry highlights, the use of above mentioned aspect of Sindhi language. It depicts Sindhi society on a truly panoramic scale. As pronominal suffixes, only a word / letter, beautifully clarifies the meaning and real essence of the whole sentence, which is a rare quality of Sindhi language and literature. The usage of pronominal suffixes is a peculiarity of Sindhi language which has existed from time immemorial in its original and ancient phonological and syntactic structure.

Mujahid Hussain Solangi