“Romantic Poetry of Ustad Bukhari”


This research paper is divided into two parts: First part is based on the discussion about love and second part deals with the concept of love in the poetry of Ustad Bukhari.Ustad Bukhari is a legendary poet of Sindhi language. His diction and work have various categories. The aim of my paper is to explore his romantic views about love. First of all the question about love is debatable. There is a great deal of controversy regarding the concept of love. Eastern philosophers believe that love is a mystical concept; it is not an act but feeling. They also claim that love is endowment from supernatural divinity. When it becomes a part of man’s existence, all the rational and logical things go off because it is an overwhelming feeling. But western philosophers like Scott Peak, Steven Covey, Erick has denied all the previous concepts of love. They view love as an act. Love is based more on mutual understanding than feeling. Love is not gazing in the eyes of each other but looking in the same direction. It is mutual psychotherapy. Reactionary people make it narrow passageway that is only rounded in the sexual feelings. Western philosophers said that love is a positive way to think about humanism but not for sexual partner. Ustad Bukhari has various conceptual colours in his poetry. Love is also enormous and most important subject of Ustad Bukhari. He makes it universal and humanistic. His love is not absolute emotionally attachment, but has many colors of aestheticism, romanticism humanism, and vitality, Ustad Bukhari has taken images of beauty from nature, he does not believe in boundaries of religion, culture, and politics. His love is based on pure feelings of humanity without believing in races. Ustad is secular in his views that‘s why his love is based on a broad spectrum theory.

Sajida Parveen