Shah Lateef minutely observed every aspect of Sindh by travelling across it. As a creative being, he observed each and every attribute and character of Sindh – living or nonliving, found in nature, moving or still – such as: river, sea, trees, boats, musical instruments, markets, traders, hills, rocks, moon, sun, stars, etc. Shah used all of these as characters in his poetry. This research paper throws light on the non living natural phenomenological characters chosen by Shah. Shah used these characters both in direct and in symbolical sense in his poetry. Shah shows the nonliving natural characters according to his philosophy Wahdat ul Wajood or pantheism, in which every thing is the manifestation and witness of God. Shah Lateef has the power to give due appreciation, importance and meaning to each character. He expresses his philosophy through these characters and links them with his amazing imaginary power of aestheticism

Sajida Parveen