Kohistani Labho


Every language has various dialects and sub dialects. Sindhi language consists of different kinds of dialects and sub dialects. “Kohistani” dialect is one of them. This research paper explores this dialect in comparison with the standard dialect. We can see phonetic and morphological significance in this dialect. “Kohistani” dialect has its own linguistic, geographical and cultural orientation. Since Kohistan is surrounded by the boundary of Arabian sea, Balochistan, Hyderabad and Thatta. Kohistan dialect is affected by the Balochi language, Larrh dialect, and standard dialect of Sindhi. We can study this dialect in the culture of Kohistan. Shah Latif visited “Kohistan” and his perception of Kohistan is reflected in his poetry. Hence, this dialect is also present in the poetry of Shah. Those who are interested in the Sindhi language and its linguistic survey, can find many facts and figures in this paper.

Rukhman Gul Palari