Use of Assimilation in Sindhi Language


Assimilation gives the knowledge of words about their pronunciation and dictation. It is used in words to alter their sound in pronunciation, for example: amb اﻧﺐ, gumbaz ﮔﻨﺒﺬ etc. In these words the sound of “n ن”, changes into sound of “m م ” due to the effect of a nasal sound of “a ا ” and “b ب”, “g گ” and “b ب”. But they are be written with “n ن”. Secondly homophones are eliminated in certain words like ﯾﺎد +داﺷﺖ =ﯾﺎداﺷﺖ in a word “d د” is eliminated due to the effect of homophone “d د”. That pronunciations does not only occur in Sindhi language but also in other languages like English and Arabic etc. This shows that all the rules followed by international languages apply to Sindhi language as well, which places the Sindhi language to attain its loftiness and enhances it grandeaurity..

Mujahid Hussain Solangi