Concept of Shah Latif: From Metaphysics to Sufism


Metaphysical questions are very difficult; history shows that series of philosophers tried to understand those questions and suggested solutions. Science also systematically strives to solve the questions. But, scientists end up with complicating the questions rather than simplifying them. The theory of time and space of Einstein makes it terrible, because people are made to believe that they cannot get out of this particular cage of time and space. Man is compelled to live in this world; it means that man is incapable to understand the universe beyond matter. Is there any thing without matter? Religion base theory is that there is energy which is omnipotent and omnipresent. This world is temporary, man is mortal, and he/she would be judged at the end of the show-time. Mysticism also tries to understand metaphysics. Sufis say that the whole universe is one; which is: God. The material world is manifestation of God. This solution is also a theory not formula; so the problem about metaphysics is still a question. Shah Latif was a mystical poet, who followed religious point of view about God. But, he has a different theory to offer about life. It is the existentialist point of view: humans have to face their existence; then they have to prove their essence of life. Research shows that life in the opinion of Shah is “struggle” without any expectation. Death is mysterious, relentless and unavoidable. Humans convert their terror of death into: creation, love and, struggle. However, this is not the solution of the question of life. When man becomes more aware and more conscious, life appears even more like an unsolved problem. Hence, spiritual practice or meditation is the only way to motivate oneself inside-out.

Ghafoor Memon