Baluchi Language in Sur Desi


Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was a poet of Nature. He had traveled a lot and his poetry contains the knowledge of various languages and places of geographical importance. In this paper Shah Latif has used the terminology of Baluchi language specially MEKRAN belt. There are five chapters on the legend of SUSSUI, which contains the travelogue of Mekran. It is the knowledge of Shah Latif that he has introduced the terms of Baluchi language in his poetry. In order to convey the true message of terms he has very artistically vowen those terms in his poetry that on one hand, those are considered as the part and parcel of Sindhi Poetry, but the terminology of Baluchi language has been inserted in the above Surs. The meaning and historical background of Baluchi terms have been explained and interpreted so that the reader can grasp their meaning. The Sindhi-Baluchi mingling of terms is considered as an art of Shah Latif. It is hoped that the reader will enjoy and appreciate the art of Shah Latif.

Riaz Baloch & Dr. Rukhman Gul Palari