Sociological Study of life and Patterns & Socio–Economic Problems of Jat and Fishermen Communities described in Poetry of Shah Latif


Jat and Fishermen are main communities of Indus Delta. Fishing and camel breeding are their main source of income. There are three main favourable factors which enabled them to settle on the creeks and on the coast close to the channels of Indus river. Firstly the flow of sea water and tidal ebb and monsoon rain give rise to the mangrove growth which provides food and fodder for their camel and fuel for them. Secondly numerous tidal creeks: where water is always available. The last advantage is to receive fresh water. Those are three permanent factors for settlements and hundred fishing villages consists of Huts, mosque made with local resources water, mud, ropes and wooden sticks are in abundance. This study contains the patterns of their settlements and socio – Economic problem faced by them and solutions suggested .

Mushtaq Ali Ligari