Dr. N. A. Baloch: His contribution towards development of Sindhi music


Dr. N. A. Baloch, a versatile writer of Pakistan contributed several books and research articles on history, culture and literature. Dr. Baloch mainly wrote in Sindhi language but he also contributed in English. So far as music is concerned Dr. Baloch wrote some books both in Sindhi and English. His books in English are prominent on Musical instruments of Lower Sindh, and development of Sindhi music. His book which can be considered as Bible of Sindhi music is “Brief History of Sindhi music.” The present paper describes this book in details. Not only scholarly contribution of Dr. Baloch is the main theme of this article, but also points on his efforts for the help to artists, whom he introduced to media have been highlighted. Dr. Baloch visited small villages for collection of folk lore material and brought the vocalists and instrumentalists to radio and stage etc. Present paper throws light on both aspects of his contribution i.e. upliftment of artists and development of Sindhi music.

Dr. Abdul Jabar Junejo