SAMI Chain Rai Bacho Mal Dataramani ‘LUND’


One of the great history of Sindhi poets Shah, Sachal, Sami, who represent our culture and civilization the world over. SAMI contributed the old Vedic culture and traditions and Vernacularised the Vedic wisdom, the proud possession of this land, as the 4 Vedas were written on the banks of river Indus. He followed the traditions in Sindhi poetry and wrote in 3 or 4 lines “BAYT” he called “SALOK”, so his book is known to be “SAMI JA SALOK”. He belonged to well off family of Shikarpur then Hub of business in Sindh and greatest mart of north-west India due to its advantageous geographical position. His birth year has been contradictory between 1731-1743 A.D. However his contribution to spiritual realm is tremendous and praise-worthy.

Prof. Nagpal