Post-1980 Novel Writing in India


After 1980, hundreds of novels are written and Sindhi novel have passed through a number of stages. For some time progressive trends were dominant in Sindhi novel. The novels written by progressive writers did not reflect life in its totality, their form being fixed and familiar and language quite formal. Slowly and gradually, Marxism lost its importance. But after a decade from independence, some young writers rebelled against slogan mongering attitude of the progressive writers. Romanticism started in Sindhi like other Indian languages, Mohan Kalpna, Guno Samtani and Lal Pushp gave a new dimension to Sindhi novel. Mohan Kalpna, Guno Samtani and Lal’s writings resolved around the man- woman relationship. Above writers depicted emotional and psychological aspects of human behaviour. Lal Pushp brought ‘Stream of consciousness’ in his novels. His very famous novel is ‘Hun je atam jo maut’ (Death of His self). Here Krishin Khatwani is also worth mentioning. He has his own tradition of writing. He is capable of handling a simple love story bringing out the subtle nuances of emotional complications with superb control. Hari Motwani, Hari Himthani and Gobind Khushalani have also penned some novels. Among lady writers Kala Prakash, Tara Mirchandani, Rita Shahani and Ratna Godia also have given some good novels. In Sindhi, ‘New novels’ or modern novels are also available like other Indian languages.

-Dr. Jagdesh Lachhani