Sachal’s, Principle of ‘Know thy self….. and then to enter His kingdom’


Sachal Sarmast…. Abdul Wahab Farooqi is the Sufi poet of Sindh and a par excellence in the field of Sufism. His poetry is a lesson on the relationship of man and his creator. Sachal puts stress on the relationship of a man and tells us the path, of reaching excellence which is the nearness of a man, when the man achieves sublimity, dignity and superiority among the creation of supreme creator, viz: Almighty Allah. He has quoted from the holy Book, the ways and means, the indicators and vision, through which man after knowing himself fully, qualities to know HIM. Some more quotations have been taken from other writers whose creative thought is in nearness to Sufistic thought. The important among those are, ‘Bedil’, ‘Naseer Faqir’, ‘Hamal faqir’…. and others. References have been quoted from their poetry also. Sufism, teaches a man to achieve, learn and practice, all those lessons and sublime practices, through the inner self of a man and them become free from, greed, gluttony and malice. By so doing, he knows himself and after that, he is able to know Him and learn His Lessons of being polite, courteous and Loving person. Such is the world of Sufism, where in the followers preach. Love, brotherhood and service to His creation. Thus the poetry of Sachal and his cothinker and followers go galloping on the path of Eternity. A few glimpses of Knowing thyself and then HIM have been given in this paper.

Farah Baloch