Risalo of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai – Translations in India


This paper contains translations in two languages viz : Hindi and Gujrati, of The Risalo of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. (Selected Poems), made by Ms. Vimi Sadarangani. Actually the paper is comprising of three parts, the remaining two are: ‘Importance of translations’, and ‘Seven-pronged approach model on the importance and assessment of the art of Translations. The first part of the paper speaks precisely about the importance of translations by quoting the translation of ‘Geentangali’ of Tagore from Bengali and that of Risalo of Shah Latif in English by H.T. Sorley. In the second part, seven pronged assessment of art of translations has been presented as to whether the translations convey the message and thought content in proper way, with proper language and required knowledge to the reader.

Wimi Sadarangani