Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is great poet of Sindhi Language, he considers man as his representative on earth. Thus, man in his poetry is considered as a living being, he can conquer Time, Space and other Natural and man made things. Man being the chief thing on earth. Such quotations have been given from ‘Risalo’ of Shah Latif.
In twentieth century, we come across with the philosophy of ‘Man’, being a chief of creator on Earth. Existentialism is the name given to such philosophy. The profounders of above philosophy are SARTRE, as a chief along with a few other names. Their efforts and creative activity have been given in nut Shell.
Shah Latif being a philosopher pertaining to 17h Century has given much about man. In 20th Century, man has been declared as pivotal figure in Europe. Thus we are at liberty to declare Shah Latif as profounder of Existentialist philosophy and feel on such achievement and scholarly approach

Sher Mehranvi