Sachal Sarmast has elegantly composed verses almost on every subject. His poetry has a perennial appeal to capture human sentiments. Every theme which he composed achieved an eternal status. So is the case with love, a global theme. Every brilliant and great verse – writer of East and West tried his best to paint this universal theme in his poetry. But Sachal Sarmast’s presentation of love is unique and superb, poignant and universal intellectual and sublime. Sachal Saeen has touched theme of love greatly which is commendable in all respects. To him, love is the basis of life. With the colours of affection even ugly sides of life have sparkling beauty. It is interesting to note that he portrayed various forms and shapes of love in his verses. This great theme is the hall mark of his poetry. To love he has subjective as well as objective approach. The main objective of this research paper is to trace feelings of love in Sachal’s poetry.

Mahar Khadim