Poetic qualities in the Poetry of Khalifo Gul Muhammad


Khalifo Gul Muhammad was the famous poet of 18th and 19th Centuries, and was known to be first poet of `Ghazal’, in Sindhi-Literature. It was the same time when, ‘Ghalib’, was shining star in Indian firmanent of Poetic world. He pertained the classical period and was well-versed in prosody and classical poetic Diction. The poetry of Khalifo Gul was published posthumously, because he breathed his lost at Madina, during pilgrimage, and thus could not see his collection in the form ‘Diwan’. Khalifo Gul Muhammad is remembered up till now, in the capacity a classical icon in the filed of classical poetry, specially ‘Ghazal’.

Lakshman Komal