Introducing poetry of : Khalifo Nabi Bux Leghari (An eminent popular poet of Classical period)


Khalifo Nabi Bux Leghari was the eminent poet of classical period of Sindhi Literature; in which period Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was the shining star. Nabi Bux Leghari was one of the shining stars in the galaxy of poetry during classical period.
Nabi Bux was well-versed in the art of writing/ composing poetry. He followed the pattern of Shah Latif, but being aware of the prosody, he adopted his own style, language, alliteration and so on soforth. Thus, he produced bulk of poems, and a big collection was compiled and published in the form of ‘Risalo’. All those poets who gave a book viz: ‘Risalo’, win high reputation among Co-sharers.

Naheed Parveen