Progressive Movement in Sindh & Sindhi Literature


This paper contains an account of Progressive Movement in Sindh which emerged during forties, with the title, “Sindh Adabi Circle”, at D.J. College Karachi, Later on those writes joined progressive writers Association. Prominent among those were : Mohd Ibrahim Joyo, Sobho Gian Chandani, Hyder Bux Jatoi, Shaikh Ayaz, Gobind Malhi, Otam, …etc. Sindhi Literature right from beginning was progressive in Nature thought and vision. There was a group of writers which were called as ‘Fundamentalist group’, the members of this group through the pages of one Newspaper, pertaining to their group viz ‘Daily Mehran’, and some off shoots of its weekly and monthly journal appeared antagonist to progressive writers and their creative activities, which pleaded, reality, progress in thought, Love, Brotherhood and supported, the working class of farmer and labour. The paper gives a detailed of attacks and counter-attacks with the help of Pen, which was considered mightier then sword. The newly formed literary organ, viz, ‘Sindhi Adabi Sangat’, was not spared even.
Shaikh Ayaz was specially targeted and was sent beyond the bars.

Dr. Adal Soomro