Impulsive forces of Creativity


A poet was asked, how he creates poetry? To which he replied that, ‘I don’t know’? This reply is endorsed by many poets. Poetry is a creative activity, unless one enters into the art and domain of creative field, one can not create any thing. Poetry possess, an impulse, both internal as well as external, which compels an artist to take up weapons from inside in the form of impulses; also from outside in the form of natural scenes and artificial attractive places of beauty which compels one to praise, appreciate and create poetry for others to enjoy. In this paper some ways and means of creative activity have been presented. Some references have quoted from sayings of great thinkers, poets and critics. Shah Latif, Shaikh Ayaz from Sindhi Literature and Eliot from English Literature have been quoted, from their poetry and criticism.

Ishaq Samejo