My Life….Spent with those…..Co-thinkers. An important source material of History of Sindh


The present paper is considered as an important source material on the biographical history of Sindh.
The book titled, ‘My life spent with those personalities’, whose number is 176 and is spread in two volumes.
The writer, G.M. Syed has remained as the main character of nineteenth century who has seen, politics, economics, literary and social life with his own eyes. The historical and political upheavals, during British rule in the Sub-continent, and general and in Sindh in particular have taken place and he has played pivotal role in those. Later on, when was forcibly placed behind the bars, G. M. Sayed decided to write, biographical, historical, social, literary account, which appeared in a number of books. This is one of the important book in two volumes which present detailed life portrayals of 176 persons pertaining to various walks of life. It is an important source material on the contemporary period of subcontinent which is worth reading, preserving and useful for researchers

Azad Qazi