Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (1689-1752) as a versatile poet mainly focuses on the mystic world of eternity [Platonic world of ideas or eternal forms] in his poetry. Shah Abdul latif’s Poetry is replete with the notions of Humanism in terms of philanthropy, sympathy and love for mankind. Simultaneously, Shah admires cosmos as the renowned creation of God; the creator. His poetry demonstrates the innermost love of a man with beauty of nature, transcendence and metaphysics of morals and sense of justice. If we critically analyze his poetic leaning towards Sufism he seems to amalgamate the creator and creation as the unity of all Being [oneness]. The content of his poetry is unity of all beings in one and same Being. This message deconstructs the metaphysical basis of duality and emphasizes symmetrical unity of all beings into single most Being of cosmos. This does not mean that Shah rebuffs diversity and plurality of beings. His emphasis is on the unity of all plurals into single, most Being of all beings. Thus, unity of beings [oneness] or assimilation of beings in Being is the core philosophical thirst of Shah’s poetry. Shah emerged from the culture of Mysticism, so his poetry is encumbered with the philosophical notions of unity of all Being. The entire teaching of mysticism is based on cosmic singularity around humanism, self-appraisal, self-knowing [Irfaan e zaat], sacrifice and simplicity

Dr. Alam Shah & Shair Mahrani