Not Critical appreciation of Poetry of Reta Shahani


Reta Shahani is a poet as well as popular prose writer of Sindhi in India. She migrated to India in early age & she expired recently. She has presented in his creativity, the blending of both, the beauty of Sindhi language of her teens and presently, the mature language style of modern Sindhi language of Hind. Imdad Hussaini, the learned Scholar and Popular poet of Sindh has very beautifully and artistically rendred, in his paper the literary status of Reta Shahani as well as critical appreciation of Literary works both poetry and Prose, in the Similar style with the choice of very words, which otherwise seen difficult for comprehension of a young reader. Through his explanation and meanings of some Hindi style of words, the poetry of Reta Shahani has become easier to comprehend for a common reader, which adds to beauty of style and simplicity in understanding.

Imdad Hussaini