Jamal Abro’s Art of Fiction


Jamal Abro is pioneer of Sindhi short story, when we study and asses the status of Jamal Abro in galaxy of Sindhi short story writers, he stands at higher level. His short stories contain unity of action, brevity of description and simplicity of language. Jamal Abro has selected his characters from lower strata of life, poor people, down trodden, victims of social life, poverty and neglected persons, both male as well as female; that is why some of his stories are called character-oriented. Further those characters have been depicted very clearly, looking at the realities of their lives, Social conditions, contemptible, outlaws, murderers etc. From other real life as described by Jamal Abro, those can be compared with the characters of Russian literature, where a character is depicted in its reality and totality of Social conditions,l instead of story or plot. In order to make the description self-speaking and vivid, references have been taken from his short stories along with comments of some scholars, viz: Agha Saleem, Shamsuddin Ursani, Rasool Bux Palijo, and Rashid Bhatti… etc

Prof. M. Saleem Memon