BAZME-E SOFIA-E SINDH’ Glimpses of Cultural, Politico-History of Sindh


his paper contains one part of Socio-political life of G. M. Syed, who was leading politician cum icon of history of Sindhi Culture and Politics. G. M .Syed desired that Politics in Sindh should flourish and democracy should be implemented in real sense. But the politics in Sindh after formation of Pakistan was polluted due the external interference from migrated and uniformed Aristocracy. Reality was shadowed, values perverted, democratic procedures were replaced by vested interested. Syed was a realist, honest, peace loving and born to speak truth. Thus he has to land in a room behind the bars, with no fault of him, the first term of seven and a half years unlawful imprisonment ended in 1968.
G. M. Syed visualized that the tribe of power hungry, power lords, land lords and pseudo-intellectuals were sans love, sans courage and sansGheart. The Second Group of bearded clerks were those men, whose head was filled with straws. The Common folk is simple with no education and vision. Thus those were treated as empty-headed animals by those vested interested power lords.

Azad Qazi