‘Being’ is an extremely broad concept encompassing subjective and objective features of reality and existence. For some people consider that ‘being’ means material things while for some spiritual things. However, no one can finally say as to what essence of being is.
Existentialist philosophers such as Sartre, as well as Continental philosophers such as Hegel and Heidegger have also written extensively on the concept of ‘being’. Descartes said “I think therefore I am” but the term “I am” has no meaning in itself; it must have an action or relation attached to it. This in turn has led to the thought that “Being” and nothingness are closely related, as developed in existential philosophy. Sufis also discussed the concept of ‘being’. According to Sufis, ‘being’ is one which is manifested in the shape of universe. Man as a whole is the part of wholeness. When a Sufi put down the ego, only then is he able to enter due ecstatic state of real being. The world is appearance of “Maya” which is manifested in matter but it is mortal; only spirit is immortal. Sufis claim that actual worship is to know the inner self, which is beautiful and complete. In this research paper I have discussed the concept of ‘being’. Actual being is inner self which has quality of ‘to be’ not ‘to have’, but we are living in post modern age where man is seriously afflicted with material disease. Every one wants to get “Maya” (Matter), and extremism of everything has spread throughout the world. Here Sufism is the only philosophy that can save the world.

-Dr. Ghafoor Memon