Sultan Bahu (1630-1691)


Sultan Bahu was one of the popular persons among the Sufi-thinkers of Punjab. He was born in 1630, in Awan village of District Jhang. He pertained to a religious family and was staunch follower of religious school and was well -versed in Fiqah, Shariah and Quranic injunctions. In addition to the above, he was also scholar and knew the Languages, viz: Arabic, Persian, Seraiki, Punjabi, Hindi and Baluchi. He was not attended any school, but acquired the knowledge through his spiritual master or ‘Murshid’ and the zest for Language learning was inborn in him. It is said that he was written 140 books, but due to scarcity of printing facilities, all of those could not be got published, hence a few books have retained the test of time and are available for the readers and researchers at present. The popular book of Punjabi poetry, ‘Abyat-e-Bahu’, is famous and appreciable.

Dr. Naheed Parveen