Saint Nenoo-Ram (1898-1973) Interpretation of his poetic thought


Saint Nenoo-Ram, born in Islamkot city of old Tharparkar district, in the year 1898. His parents died with one year and thus he has live as an orphan child, and suffered the pangs of life right from beginning Suifistic and Vedanta ways of life worked side by side, Allah and Eishwar were regards as the creator of this Earth and the human beings. In this sub-continent, there was pleadings of peace and brotherhood among all the persons irrespective of any religious divide, dismay and hatred. Nenoo-Ram’s mind was more bent towards spiritual solance right from his teens. Thus he proceeded on pilgrimage of his times, visited, the holy places, from Kashi, Mathra, Girnar, Gokal and Badrenath, for search of Peace and Love for humanity. Finally, he learnt that, the path of eternity can not be found without the guidance of some spiritual Master or ‘Guru’.

Ayaz Jani