The greater part of the research work done about the bold classical poet of Sindh; Sachal Sarmast is the explanation of the propagation of his ideas which show his boldness and straightforwardness. Special emphasis has been laid on the section of his poetry which is the true picture of his indifference towards the dogmatic norms of society. Sachal’s slogan, ‘I am the Truth’ is very essential to the definition of his thought and he truly deserves to be called the ‘Mansoor of his Age’. It is high time the social impact of his poetry is studied and its importance is understood. Sur Susuee in Sachal Sarmast’s Sindhi poetry has not been given the attention it deserves, so far. In this research article, this writer has tried to initiate the critical study of Sur Sasuee from the social point of view with the hope that some other scholars and researchers will continue this research work.

Ahsan Danish