The use of dialects in the kafies of Syed Ali Gohar Shah ‘Asghar’


The classical Sindhi poets have used dialects used by common people usually in their prose and poetry. However, it is said that the roots of classical poetry lie with human-being. They guide potentially, economically, sociologically and also spiritually to the public. People have been found spiritually satisfied and mentally relaxed. As the human being is the compound of body and soul. Therefore the body has need of nutrients but the soul can survive only on love, help and aspiration which will keep it alive and fresh in this world. The role of emotion is to express internal ideas and solve problems. In this way we need words to express our feelings. It’s language which shows hidden abilities of human being. Dialect is refers to a variety of language used in society’s daily life and fulfills the needs simultaneously. The topic of this research being “The use of dialects in the Kafies of Syed Ali Gohar shah “Asghar”, the study aims at exploring there varieties of language

Jean Khan Keerio