Shamsuddin ‘Bulbul’ a renowned and esteemed poet, writer, journalist, reformist and great scholar of Sindhi Language and Literature, was born in 1857 at Mehar, a little village of that time. He received his Madaressah education in Sindhi, Persian and Arabic Languages. He started his career by joining irrigation department as a ‘Daroga’, but after a short while resigned from the post. Since young age, Shamsuddin had inclination towards reading and writing poetry so, he decided to serve the nation by using his creative skills. Leaving his home village Mehar in 1980, he travelled to Karachi, where he met Hassan Ali Effendi, the founder of Sindh Madaressatul Islam. Khan Bahadur Effendi was very much impressed by him, and extended offer to him to join ‘Moavin’ the weekly magazine of Madaressah, as the editor, which he accepted. This brought a great change in his life, as he rendered his heroic role in the field of Literature, Journalism and Education simultaneously. He proved himself as a prolific writer of Sindhi Language and Literature. He was the first to introduce humor, satire and wit as a literary forms in Sindhi language, not only in poetry but also in prose. The renowned poets, writers and journalists of the time, like Mirza Kalich Beg, Mir Abdul Hussain ‘Sangi’, Muhammad Hashim ‘Mukhlis’ and Muhammad Bakhsh ‘Wasif’ were his contemporaries

Adam Butt