Sindhi Muslim Adabi Society, Hyderabad, and G.M. Syed


During British rule, the awareness was ushered in the people of, Subcontinent, because of the atmosphere of social, economical, religious and literary activities enunciated by that rule. Thus many literary bodies and Institutions were established. In Hyderabad Sindh, one of the above said literary bodies, normally, ‘Sindh Muslim Adabi Society’, was established in the year 1930, which started functioning from January 1931. The well-known Literary Scholar, Mr. Muhammad Siddique Memon was nominated as General Secretary, who in collaboration with his fellow thinkers took up the task of developing education and enhancement of literary activities as well as publishing academic and religious books for Muslim students so as to facilitate them, because there was shortage of such materialism in Sindhi language and literature. In the opening days, the Secretary invited the prominent persons, social and literary scholars to come forward and the share the burden of the above tremendous task. In the very beginning he invited G.M. Syed to come up and assist the society in all respects, who whole heartedly responded in affirmative. The other scholars and Philanthropists were above twenty in number, some of them were : Hakeem Fateh Muhammad Sehwani, Miran Mohammad Shah (President), Usman Ali Ansari, Ali Khan Abro, Ghulam Murtaza Shah, Ghulam Serwar Qadri, Mohammad Hashim ‘Mukhles’ and many others (names are given). The functions which took up on priority basis were membership drive, conducting, seminars and ‘Mushairas’ and cultural gatherings. Publishing of books and manuscripts and arranging ‘Adabi Melas’ of great people and of the past viz: Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, etc. For education of girls, ‘Madrasat-ul-binnat’, was established at Hyderabad with residential facilities and Security; the opening ceremony of that Institution was made by G.M. Syed on 25th August 1946. The teaching, learning and publication was started in full swing which proved to be a success and thus paved the way for fight on all fronts through this Institution, which proved and provided tremendous work in the form of books, for them history is replete with the above activities.

Dr. Azad Qazi