World and its history contain many a stories and tales of bravery, generosity, lenity, loyalty and many other subjects and topics. But the subject matter of stories, dramas and operas has mostly been romance. Love has been the reason behind its creation, and the same is not only limited to Sindhi language and literature. Indeed, in all the languages and literatures of the world such blockbuster stories are present. Simon Delisla, Hunchback of NotreDame, Romeo Juliet, Summer of 42, Shiereen Farhad, Qais Laila are some of the few names amongst an extensively long list of such legends. The Seven Surs of Shah Latif in Sindhi, are seven famous tales of oral literature that have become eternal because of their romance, otherwise the stories on love and romance run into millions and are continuing in present day. But it seems, that the stories now being written contain nothing extraordinary, for their popularity and likeness is not to that extent that they become legends, as were written earlier. It’s a coincidence that heroes in all these legends have been Kings, Princes, Rulers or Chieftains, Ranoo Raye Diyaj, Jaam Tamachi, Punnunh, Chanesar, Omar and in Punjabi legends Ranjha, Mirza and others, none of them was a common man. In the world of literature the stories on loves of Kings are too many, and the oral legends and stories of Sindh too are filled with the same. In present age, love affairs of Bill Clinton, Louis (French President) gained popularity. King of England, Edward the VIIIth had to renounce his throne because of love. The legend of Wali of Khairpur State, Mir Ali Nawaz Naz, is also lengthy and exceptional. Bali Naz’s story too alike other legends, is a legend in itself which contains all the elements that are found in any legend. But unluckily, it failed to find a Shah Latif, Baba Bulleh Shah, Waaris Shah who would have made it a part of his works and hence made it eternal. Bali Naz too is a heart touching legend on romance, which surprisingly till date has not come out in the public eye, the way it should have like other stories and legends.

Dr. Zulfiqar Siyal