Folk drama is noncommercial, generally rural theater and pageantry based on folk traditions and local history. This form of drama is common throughout the world, declined in popularity in the West with the advent of printing, general literacy, and the increasing emphasis on the individual contribution to the drama of playwright, director, and actors. Folk drama is still played in some south Asian countries.
Sindhi Folklore is the folk tradition which has developed in Sindh over a number of centuries. Sindh abounds with folklore, in all forms and colors. There were many traditional Sindhi folk dramas through the centuries i.e. Sang, Manazra, Das aen bayan, hero, ram lela, ras lela, bhgat, chownki etc. After the development of new ways of communication and entertainment the traditional Sindhi drama is rare in rural areas of Sindh.

Qasim Rajpar