Hundraj Dukhayal


Hundraj Dukhayal, a famous Sindhi poet of the masses was born in 1910 at Larkana. By profession he was an agriculturist. However he was a very down to earth person. He was a poet by birth, and having nurtured under the teaching of Kishanchand Baiwas, by the age of 7 years, he had started producing poetry works. In his early days, his works got published in Prakash (Larkana), Sindhi Suptahak (Sukkur), Inqilaab, Sooraj and other newspapers. His works were sung on gramophones and he himself was a good singer. From 1934-1940, he wrote and got sung almost 360 songs for ‘His master voice’ and Columbia Gramaphone Company. Until 1929 two compilations of his poetic works had been published – ‘Krishan Bhajanwali’ and ‘Arya Bhajanwali’, these earlier works were religious in content, different from the works he would produce later.

Ishaq Smijo