A critical appreciation of Dr. Muhabbat Buriros’ Translation work


Dr. Muhabbat Buriro is a well-known writer, scholar and critic of Sindhi language. He has not only produced huge creative, analytical and translation work in Sindhi, but practically he spent his entire life for the opulence of Sindh and betterment of his mother-tongue. He has twenty six published books on his credit, which are on different topics, like literature, language, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and politics. He started his journey as a writer at a very young age. Since then, he continued making contributions to Sindhi Literature. Dr. Muhabat had an in-depth study of Sindhi literature. Besides he had a significant knowledge of world literature. Academically speaking, his literary services are very valuable and He possesses a unique place in the history of Sindhi literature

Ghulam Fatima Babar