Aesthetic in the Poetry of Pir Ali Gohar Shah ‘Asghar’


Human being is most sensitive towards nature. Man, both male as well as female, has six such devices, through which he/she is requiring whole of the knowledge of Aestheticism. Quran says “God is beautiful and he likes beauty”. Mostly all the religions pray is to express His beauty and surrender before it. These beauty acquiring devices are Nose, Ear, Eyes, Tongue, Skin, Thinking etc., each of them divert single element of beauty to brain, which is converted into static things, which can easily be though that what it must be and called single sense as seen by eyes or heard by ears or touched by tongue or smelled by nose or feel by skin and thinking etc. each of such action is called single sense, but, if few of such sense are jointly expressed that is called added sense. The above said kinds of sense are a source in Europe for test of lyrical poetry of the famous poets of the world. As in Sindh first of all Dr. Tanveer Abbasi renowned poet of Sindh, critic of poetry and scholar had introduced this method of criticism of poetry on the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and then others also practiced the same on other poets of Sindh like Narain Shiyam’s poetry was examined by Mir Muhammad Pirzado. I have honour to say that our Pir Syed Ali Gohar Shah ‘Asghar’ is such a prominent poet of Sindhi Kafi as only few of his prior and post poets of Sindh like Khush Khair Muhammad Hisbani and Syed Misri Shah of Nasarpur etc. therefore I thought to get his Kafi poetry be tested accordingly. Their details are given below in coming pages.

Jean Khan Keeryo