Shah Latif – Symbol of Unity & Brotherhood


Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (1689-1752) is a multidimensional person, well-versed in the art of writing poetry. His Risalo is complete code of life, well preserved and presented, both in sublimity and universality. His vision is infinite, he has witnessed the celestial beauty as well s glimpses of earthly treasures of vales and dales, mountains and Rivers along with the living being viz: men, women, birds and beasts and almost all creatures were captured by his vision and have all those been preserved in his poetry. Shah Latif has portrayed the lives of most delicate creatures of earth i.e. women folk; who love the mother earth in the character of Marui, the symbol sacrifices and courage to face the facts, troubles and tortures of life and its hardships in the character of Sassui, who challenges those hardship with courage and magnanimity.

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