Compassion and Forgiveness in Shah Latif’s Poetry


This paper deals with the poetry of Shah Latif with particular emphasis on the expression of compassion and forgiveness with reference to his Sufi orientation .Latif is one the most influential poets of the Indus civilization. Being an exponent of the mystic tradition of Islam, he embeds the Sufi themes in the folk culture of Sindh. This paper reviews Latif’s magnum opus, Shah Jo Risalo (Shah’s epistle) with specific reference to the themes of compassion and forgiveness. His poetic expression is arguably the richest manifestation, both in content and form, of the Sindh folk culture. To address universal human values, he refers the common man’s life in the nexus of the rural culture of Sindh. His ultimate message is that man ontologically belongs to the Perfect Being and that he always needs refuge in God’s favour. Being a sinner and imperfect he always needs divine compassion and forgiveness.

Amjad Ali