Humanism is a mul-dimensional philosophy, it keeps very vast canvas; which not only covers human-being(s) from creaon to culture, but the discussion about the universe is also in its limits. The philosophy of Humanism has had a long and notable history, with roots into the past and deep into the life of wisdom and civilizaons. Humanism has had reputed representaves in all the great naons and in their cultures. The philosophy of Humanism repre sents a specific and forthright view of the universe, the nature of human be ings, and the treatment of human problems. First me the term Humanist came into common use in the early sixteenth century to delegate the scholars of the European Renaissance. Humanism is a great philosophy, affable to this modern age. As we are of views that humanism has had great representaves in all the great naons and cultures; so in Sindh the great sign and symbol of humanism is Shah Abdul Laf Bhi,ai. Bhi,ai is unanimously accepted as the greatest poet of Sindhi language. In this research arcle we have tried to exca vate the roots of Humanism from pre-Greek era to modern even post modern era, with special reference to notable scholars of different ages and cultures including Shah Abdul Laf Bhi,ai. We have also tried to discuss and discover the different modes of Humanisc philosophy.

Dr. Sher Mehrani