A Crical Analysis of the efforts being made for the sustainability and progress of Sindhi Language


All the languages of the world are an invaluable asset for their re specve civilisaons. The Sindhi language is amongst the ancient languages of sub-connent, and its script i.e the Indus script has existed for the past thou sand of years. However, tracing the point of origin of this language is a subject requiring further study and research. The language progressively developed during the Brish era and the process of development connued for years and years. Presently, Sindhi language is undergoing a crisis / crical period which requires immediate a&enon and efforts for its existence, sustainability and progress. In this paper, different measures have been proposed and suggested for the sustainability of Sindhi language. A comprehensive study of the efforts undertaken in the past for sustainability and progress of this language during various periods is also discussed. It is hoped that this crical study would prove to be instrumental in the efforts undertaken for the sustainability of Sindhi language.

Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana