Ayaz Hussain Qadri, creator of Short story in every era


Ayaz Hussain Qadri is one of the pioneers of short story wring in Sindhi language since the creaon of Pakistan. He started his creave wring career as a poet of Ghazals but later shi ed towards short story wrings. He wrote numerous assorted short stories accurately depicng the life and prob lems of Sindhi society amongst which ‘Biloo Dada’ is the most popular and considered as his best short story. His style and characterizaon was imitated by several other contemporary short story writers. A.H Qadri connued wrings short stories for four decades and in each decade through his mes merizing short stories he remained the most popular short story writer amongst the masses. In this paper a crical analysis of his wrings and short stories has been made by the scholar.

Dr. Naheed Parveen