Drama is the most power full medium of communicaon. Drama is popular all over the world and can be found in literature of almost all the de veloped languages. Drama has been part of Hindu Religion since long but the Journey of Modern Sindhi drama starts from 1880, when Mirza Qalech Baig wrote the first Sindhi Drama “Lela Majnon”. This was closet drama and that me there was no dramac club in Sindh, which staged opera. In the year 1894, first dramac club “D.J Sindh Collage Natak Mandli” was formed, which staged first drama “Nal damen” wri3en by Jethanand Khilndas. The first peri od of Sindhi drama ended during paron of Sub-connent in 1947. The inde pendence brought change in the polical setup. Like the other genres of litera ture, Sindhi drama also suffered a break a7er the migraon of Hindu drama sts and closure of dramac clubs all over Sindh. A new period of Sindhi drama started a7er paron in Sindh and India. A7er the evident of Radio and Television, Sindhi drama got severely affected and many dramasts have been trying to save the Sindhi stage drama. Manzoor Kohiar is one of them, whose book recently got published. His book contains four Art dramas which can be considered the new birth of Sindhi stage drama.

M. Qasim Rajpar