A Social Study of Arabic, Persian and Hindi Poetry


Social study of poetry is an important subject which has been a part of many a research projects. Such research has been carried out to study the poetry in many a different languages of the world but the same is rare and limited in Sindhi language. What is the relaonship of poetry to a parcular society? What are the subjects a poet selects for his poetry to portray the society of his mes? How does a poet’s dicon reflect the changing polical, social, cultural and economic condions of his society? How has a poet highlighted the posive and negave social values in his poetry? Answers to these and such other quesons help carry out a comprehensive social study of poetry. In this research paper I have presented a brief social study of poetry in those eastern languages which have been directly or indirectly related to Sindhi language. This study will be helpful to understand the social role of both the classical as well as modern Sindhi poetry. Hundreds of languages are being spoken in the East but I have chosen the poetry in three languages only which include Arabic, Persian and Hindi and an a)empt is made at the social study of the poetry of these three languages

Dr. Ahsan Danish